Girvan Camera Club


Welcome Pack

Thank you for showing interest in the Club. If you have not already decided to join, we hope you will!

Aims of the club
The Girvan Camera Club exists to stimulate and further the aims of photography in South Carrick.

Who can join?
Whether you have a general interest in photography, wish to improve your holiday photographs or produce work of exhibition standard, the Club has something to offer. We cover all aspects of photography and everyone over the age of 12 is welcome irrespective of level of ability in photography. Members aged 18 and under are known as junior members.

The Club Committee
The Committee decides the syllabus for each session. The Committee, appointed at the Annual General Meeting which is usually held on the first Tuesday of January, comprises the 4 office bearers: ie the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer; 2 Competition Secretaries; plus 4 ordinary members elected at the AGM. See page 5 for a list of the 2011-12 committee members.

Club Meetings
We meet on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm from mid September to the end of March in the small hall directly behind the South Parish Church, Henrietta Street in Girvan (see the map on page 6). During Club nights we have a short tea / coffee break - this provides a good opportunity to socialise with other members. A small donation of 50p per head helps to offset costs. Practical Nights are also held during that period on the second Thursday of each month. There is a small additional charge on those nights to help towards costs on the nights we use the hall. The topics to be covered during practical nights are published in advance on the website.

During the months April to August we run a programme of practical nights. On those nights we meet at 7pm. In the main these are outdoor nights, but if the weather is bad, we usually have an alternative programme. Occasionally we also organise club outings on a Saturday or Sunday. Details of both are published on the website.

Club Website
On the website you will find up-to-date information on all of the club activities, including a copy of this welcome pack and a gallery of members’ photographs.

Club Competitions
We run a number of competitions throughout the year. Competition rules are decided by the committee and are published in the club syllabus which is published in September. See pages 7 & 8 for this year’s syllabus. Additional (pocket size) copies are available from the Club Secretary. If you want to submit one or more images for one of the competitions you would do so on a “Hand-in Night” – usually 2 weeks before the competition. You will see these “Hand in Nights” are marked “H” in the syllabus. In 2011-12 we are experimenting by merging “slides” and “digital images” into a single “projected images” section. Each member can enter a maximum of 6 entries per competition with a maximum of 3 entries per section – projected images (slides and digital), and prints.

Each entry should feature your Competition Number and be titled. If you don’t already have a competition number, ask the Competition Secretary to give you one. Further details on sizes of prints etc can be found in the syllabus and on the website. If in doubt, ask one of the competition secretaries. We also compete with other camera clubs in the area.

Club Equipment
The Club owns a number of items of equipment which members may borrow – free of charge - by talking to a Committee member. See page 9 for a list. All we ask is that you know how to operate the equipment (if you don’t, someone will be happy to show you) and that you return it when agreed as someone else might be booked to borrow it. There is a small charge for using the club printer and mountboard for mounting prints. See the club price list (below). Payment on the night is mandatory - pay the Treasurer or one of the other committee members.

More information
A list of club members is produced by the Club Secretary from time to time. Please ask the Secretary for a copy. Your name and contact details will be added when you become a member. Additional information about the Club can be found in our Constitution (see the website or ask the Secretary if you would like a personal copy) and in the Question and Answer pages 10 & 11.

To help you feel welcome, and answer any other questions you might have please feel free to ask a committee member. They will introduce themselves to you at the first available club night if they have not already done so, and help you find your way around the club and our activities.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Girvan Camera Club!

Price List 2011/12

Membership: Adult: £20 Junior (under 18):£10
Prints: A3: £4 A4: £2
Mounts: A3: £2 A4: £1
Refreshments: Minimum donation 50p
Extra nights (if the hall is used) £1




Committee 2011/12
Contact Details


Tom Barclay 01655 331600

Vice President

Lyn Cuthbertson 07919288742

Stan Deans 01655 740428



Stewart McLaren 01465 713946

Competition Secretaries

Linda Challis 07525033240
 Jim Fleming 01465 891267


Rory McAdam 01465 714645
Jim Cuthbertson 01655 882107
Andy McAlpine 01465 891222




Summer Practical Evenings and

Club Outings 2012


These will be held from April to September 2012 and details will be published in March 2012.  In 2011 summer practical evenings included visits to the Girvan and Peinn Mor potteries and a blacksmith, a coastguard cliff rescue exercise, and landcape and macro photography at Glendrissaig reservoir. Club outings included visits to the Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World and the Zoo, the Tall Ships Race at Greenock and Craigengillan Estate at Dalmellington.



Club Equipment available to borrow


·        Braun Paximat projector and case

·        Braun Ultralit 85-150mm lens

·        Unicol projector stand

·        Leem amplifier and microphone

·        6 Exhibition stands

·        Interfit studio kit

·        Polaris digital flash meter

·        Lastolite background cloth & support

·        Backdrops

·        Mount cutter

·        Epson EMP73 digital projector

·        Braun Novomat M330 slide projector

·        JVC mini stereo system

·        Minolta Dimage Dual III scanner

·        Acer laptop computer

·        Toshiba laptop computer

·        Lightbox




Questions and Answers


Q.  Who can enter the Novice Competition?

A.  Anyone who has never (at any time as a member) come first in a Girvan Camera Club competition


Q.  Can I include video footage in the Digital AV Competition?

A.  No


Q.  Can I borrow club equipment?

A.  Yes provided you know how to use it.  Speak to a Committee member for clarification


Q.  How can I get my portfolio of pictures on the club website?

A.  If you put your images on a CD-Rom or a flash drive and give it to our webmaster Stewart McLaren - he will load them on the website.


Q.  When can I use the club printer to make prints to enter the competitions?

A.   During one of the practical nights is the best time


Q.   What is my competition number?

A.   You will be given a unique number by the competition secretaries.  That number (not your name) should be mentioned on each of your digital images or on the back of any prints.  All entries should also have a title.


Q.  How do I “enter” digital images for club competitions?

A.  Bring them to the appropriate “hand in night” on a memory stick or on a CD between 7pm and 7.25pm if possible i.e. before the evening’s programme commences, and give them to one of the competition secretaries.  See page 3 for details of how many images you can enter in any competition


Q.   Is there a minimum / maximum size for prints in competitions? And do they need to be mounted?

A.   All prints should be mounted in a cardboard mount and the overall size should be no larger than 20”x16” (500mmx400mm) and no smaller than 12”x10” (300mmx250mm).


Q.  The constitution mentions 3 competition sections – digital slides, colour transparencies (slides) and black and white prints but this Welcome Pack talks about 2 sections – projected images and prints.  Which is correct?

A.   The latter.  In 2011-12 (for one year only) there will only be 2 sections.  The situation will be reviewed before the 2012-13 session and a decision made in the light of experience.


Q.  Can I suggest ideas for club nights?

A.  Certainly, anytime.  But the best time to make suggestions is at the AGM when we actively encourage members to put forward ideas for the following year.


Q.  Any specific rules for “nature” competitions?

A.   Not for general “nature” competitions.  From time to time the club runs “Natural history and wildlife competitions”. For these competitions, the subject matter should be naturally occurring and excludes cultured plants, captive animals etc. There should be no Photoshop adjustments other than the usual darkroom techniques of toning etc.


Q.   Occasionally mention is made of “Carrick”.  Does a map exist? 

A.   Yes.  There is a copy on the club noticeboard and on the website.




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