Girvan Camera Club

Competition Results




First Open 12th October 2010





5th Rory McAdam - Splash

4th Marion Wilson - Cats in the Cradle

3rd Jim McArdle - Storm Clouds


1st Andy Scott - Black Fives leaving Girvan





5th Jean Ewing - Ice on Seashore

4th Rory McAdam - Full Slide

3rd ------------------------------------

2nd Jean Ewing - Seaweed and Sky

1st Stewart McLaren - Stromness Harbour






5th Neil Campbell - Blairquhan Pond

4th Rory McAdam - Reeds to Rock

3rd Jim Cuthbertson - Canada Goose at Nest

2nd Bill Arnott - Forth Bridge

1st Rory McAdam - Stormy



Comedy/Humour November 2010




5th Bill Arnott - And he did and did and did

4th Andy Scott - Jensons Granny

3rd Andy Scott - No Dumping

2nd Allan McKeown - Give us a Smile

1st Bill Arnott - Birdbath





5th Bill Arnott - Tired out Skateboarder

4th Rory McAdam - Get a Hat, Get a Hat

3rd Neil Campbell - Should have gone to specsavers

2nd John Dunn - Are you sure your my brother

1st Bill Arnott - It'll be the 19th hole then?





4th Neil Campbell - Mist-ified

3rd Rory McAdam - Tounge Tied

2nd Neil Campbell - Ok hen, let's go

1st Rory McAdam - Sealed with a Kiss




Rotary Competition November 16th 2010




5th Rory McAdam - Sillohett

4th Rodrick Robertson - Stormy Seas

3rd Neil Campbell - Sygnet + Swans

2nd Rory McAdam - Moody Blues

1st Neil Campbell - White Silence




5th Matt Richmond -

4th Jim Cuthbertson -

3rd Rory McAdam -

2nd Matt Richmond -

1st Jim Cuthbertson -




5th Stewart McLaren - Winter at Straiton

4th Rory McAdam - Working Hard at Kinclair

3rd Rory McAdam - Lighthouse Bay

2nd Jim McArdle - Girvan Harbour

1st Liz Robertson - Bargany

Print and Novice Competition 14th December 2010


Novice Digital


5th Andy McAlpine - Prats De Molum

4th Andy McAlpine - Ready for the Off

3rd Donald Love - Venice

2nd Donald Love - Bumble Bee

1st Andy McAlpine - Thirsty Mountain Biker


Novice Slide


3rd Tom Barclay - Tiddly Fireworks

2nd Tom Barclay - Great Wall

1st Tom Barclay - Happy Days


Novice Print


5th = Donald Love - Gairlan Burn     

5th = Stan Deans - Autumnal Colours

4th Mrs Arnot - Boat

3rd Donald Love - Joana

2nd Andy McAlpine - Galloway Waterfall

1st Roddy Robertson - Power Less


Colour Prints


5th Rory McAdam - Panoramic Vista

4th Neil Campbell - Flower in Hand

3rd Allan McKeown - Autumn Glory

2nd John Dunn - Duck Roost

1st Rory McAdam - Decay at Drumore


Mono Prints


5th Neil Campbell - Old Joe

4th John Dunn - Shelling Chestnuts

3rd Rory McAdam - Delta Minor

2nd Allan McKeown - Mariachi Players

1st Bill Arnot - Dandilion







Slide Audio Visual Competition 11th January 2011


3rd John Dunn - Auld Reekie

2nd Neil Campbell - Its a Wonderfull Life

1st Stan Deans - Day Excursion on Lake Garda








Open Competition 18th January 2011





5th Rory McAdam - Pastel Shades

4th Neil Campbell - A Breath of Morning

3rd Neil Campbell - Threave Gardens

2nd Bill Arnott - Parashutist

1st Bill Arnott - Forth Bridge




5th Allan McKeown - Carmen

4th Neil Campbell - Ailsa at Dusk

3rd Roddy Robertson - Big Blue Bonnet

2nd Jean Ewing - Dawn at Dunstanburgh

1st Rory McAdam - Calm Before the Storm




5th Liz Robertson - Italian Window

4th Rory McAdam - Loch Dee Shore

3rd Robert Wright - Alexander the Meercat

2nd Bill Arnott - Old Boat Maidens Harbour

1st Roddy Robertson - Yellow Cabs








Nature Competition 8th February 2011




5th Jim Cuthbertson - Oyster Catcher

4th Jim Cuthbertson - Fungi

3rd Rory McAdam - Shades of Purple

2nd Neil Campbell - Spin in a Web

1st Jim Cuthbertson - Frozen Falls




5th John Dunn - Autumn Colours

4th Rory McAdam - Glen Etive, Stag

3rd Liz Robertson - Cuddle In

2nd Neil Robertson - Power of Nature

1st Donald Love - Last Rays





5th Marion Wilson - Little and Large

4th John Dunn - Colours of Nature

3rd Jim McArdle - Evening Light Lake Louise

2nd Roddy Robertson - Gracefull Eagle

1st Neil Campbell - Family Outing at Maidens



















Red Competition 1st March 2011




5th= Stan Deans - Red Eye

5th= Stan Deans - Octuplites

4th= Neil Campbell - Flower and Glass

4th= Rory McAdam - From Above

3rd Bill Arnott - Foxglove

2nd Bill Arnott - Redoxide Bridge

1st Stan Deans - Ripe Berries




5th Jean Ewing - Sunburst

4th Andy Scott - Carnation (Floora Asda)

3rd Bill Arnott - Royal Flush

2nd Liz Robertson - Robin

1st Roddy Robertson - Telephone Boxes




5th= Rory McAdam - Its the real thing

5th= Rory McAdam - Rose

5th= Bill Arnott - Fishing Boats Craill

5th= Neil Campbell - Red and White

5th= Roddy Robertson - Up Up and Away

4th= Roddy Robertson - Tasty Tomatoes

4th= Neil Campbell - Colours

3rd Rory McAdam - Summer Breeze

2nd Roddy Robertson - Chevy

1st Allan McKeown - Beyond Bonnie Banks



 Digital Audio Visual 22nd March 2011


5th Donald Love - Venice

4th Allan McKeown - Adelita

3rd Andy McAlpine - Day at the Races

2nd Rory McAdam - Scottish Waters

1st Rory McAdam - Knockhill