Girvan Camera Club




The very first meeting was held in Girvan High School on Wednesday 10th December 1958, to find out if there was sufficient interest in the town and district to warrent the formation of a Camera Club.


The first President was Mr William Lockhart ; Secretary and Treasurer combined was Mr. D. K. Conn.


The committee was Messrs J. Fulton, I. McDonald and J. Murray.


It was decided there would be no annual subscription meantime, however the members attending the meetings would share the expenses of the evening.


The Secretary was instructed to secure a classroom in the High School for Club meetings.


The Committee would meet at the earliest possible date to draft a syllabus.



















A Brief History of the Club

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Welcome to Girvan Camera Club






The Club is now closed on Tuesday nights for the Summer.


We reopen on Tuesday 18th September 2012 at 7.30pm


We are still active during the summer months with various outings, keep an eye on our Outings and Events page for updates and info. Please feel free to contact us and also come along and join us.